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Tampere Camping Härmälä

Leirintäkatu 8, 33900 Tampere
Puh./Tel. +358 (0)20 719 9777

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Yyteri Resort & Camping

Yyterinsantojentie 1, 28840 Pori
Puh./Tel. +358 (0)20 719 9773

Yyteri Resort & Camping website

Rauhalahti Holiday Center

Rauhankatu 3, 70700 Kuopio
Puh./Tel. +358 (0)17 473 000

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Suomi Camping Oy, office

Haapaniemenkatu 7-9 B, 00530 Helsinki
business ID 2332771-9


Suomi Camping Oy has made a commitment to the principles of sustainable travel. Sustainable tourism refers to tourism that takes the current and future financial, social, and environmental impact into account. Sustainable tourism accounts equally for the needs of tourists, tourism enterprises, tourist destinations, environment, and the local people. In practice, we put the principles of sustainable tourism into action through EcoCompass and the Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) development path of Visit Finland.

We have been granted an EcoCompassCertificate in December 2022

This means that we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our operations, and have created an environmental program for our company. With the help of the program, we monitor the achievement of our goals and the implementation of the planned measures. You can learn more about the EkoCompass environmental system here.

In the first three years, we will focus especially

  • To develop our operations more energy efficient (electricity and water consumption)
  • To improve recycling and reducing waste
  • To communicate and guide our employees, customers and partners, how we can together, with small actions, influence the consumption of water and electricity used and the amount of waste generated.

The EkoCompass certificate is valid for 3 years at time, after which there is a re-audit.

Our Joint Environmental Promise

The reduction of environmental impact is our objective.
The future of our customers, our personnel, and nature is important to us. This is why we have made a commitment to sustainable development and persistent, long-term work in order to reduce environmental impact by, for example, improving the efficiency of energy consumption, reducing waste, and increasing environmental awareness among our personnel and customers. Environmental work is an element of our responsible business activities, which also include financial and social responsibility.

Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) – Development Path for Sustainable Tourism

In addition to EcoCompass, we have joined Visit Finland's Sustainable Travel Finland program, which is intended to support us on our way toward more sustainable tourism. Sustainable tourism comprises sociocultural, financial, and ecological aspects. Concrete targets for devel-opment include reducing the amount of energy consumed and waste produced, equal treat-ment of personnel and customers and consulting the local people, planning our activities in the longer-term in a cost-effective manner, and employing local people. Once we have completed the program, we are able to use the Sustainable Travel Finland label. The process of applying for the STF label has been started and we believe that we will receive it in the next few months.

In the Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) program, we have made a commitment to the following principles of sustainable tourism

Invoicing addresses of Suomi Camping Oy (Business ID 2332771-9) 

We hope you send your invoices primarily as e-invoices. 

Our e-invoice addresses are:

Apix Messaging Oy (003723327487)

E-invoice address 003723327719

EDI (Electronical Data Interchange) 003723327719

Please note that when sending e-invoices to our Apix address from Danske Bank Oyj, Handelsbanken, Paikallisosuuspankit or Säästöpankit you must send e-invoices to following address: e-invoice address: 003723327487 and operator code: DABAFIHH.

If you are not able to send e-invoices, we ask you to send invoices to the purchase invoice scanning service.

The address for email scanning:

The actual invoice must be in the email as a PDF attachment. One email must only contain one invoice. If email has other attachments they are included as attachments for the invoice. Maximum file size for email attachments is 2 MB. After the email is processed service will produce an automated acceptance or error reply email within 15 minutes.

If the invoice is addressed to a location, this information must be added to, for example, the customer's reference or additional information  

For business travelers we offer accommodation for all year around at Yyteri Resort & Camping in Pori and Rauhalahti Holiday Center in Kuopio. Also, during summer season at Härmälä Camping in Tampere. 

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Please send all information by email to the destination you are going to be staying at:

Yyteri Resort & Camping 
Rauhalahti Holiday Center 
Tampere Camping Härmälä  

After we receive your billing contract we will review your business information. If the company has no credit default entries, your company is welcome as our billing customer. Billing takes place weekly; the billing surcharge is 10 €. Non accommodation services (for example, restaurant or sauna sales) will be paid on site unless otherwise agreed. Post invoicing is only possible for companies that are domiciled in Finland. We do not charge private customers.