Suomi Camping offers a variety of comfortable accommodation options

Suomi Camping offers a variety of comfortable accommodation options in Tampere, Pori, and Kuopio! You can choose your favorite holiday accommodation among various cottages and caravan or tent campsites. You can relax in a lakeside sauna, go fishing on the lake, or visit interesting sites in the near-by areas. Come and stay for a single night or spend the whole week! Start by choosing your holiday destination and read more about our services.


Alkuvuoden arkitarjoukset

Helmikuussa majoitut arkisin edulliseen tarjoushintaan! 4hlön ja 6 hlön lomahuvilat -10% ja saunamökit -20% hinnoista, kun varauksen alkamisajankohta on su-to. Voimassa torstaihin 15.2.2024 saakka.

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Weekdays offers for 3-5- days accommodation

Työmatkalaisille tai arkivapaille mahtava vaihtoehto majoitukseen, varaa omasi. Tarjous voimassa 19.6. asti ja 7.8. eteenpäin.

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Talvilomien äkkilähtö

-20% alennus vähintään kahden yön mökki- tai caravanmajoituksesta viikoilla 8-10.  Yyterin ulkoilureitit, pulkkamäki ja hiihtoladut kutsuvat ulkoilijoita. Sisäaktiviteetteja tarjoaa Yyterin virkistyskylpylä. Caravanmajoituksessa alennuksen saa perusmaksusta. Tarjous koskee vain uusia varauksia.

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Responsibility and sustainable tourism


Suomi Camping Oy has made a commitment to the principles of sustainable travel. Sustainable tourism refers to tourism that takes the current and future financial, social, and environmental impact into account. Sustainable tourism accounts equally for the needs of tourists, tourism enterprises, tourist destinations, environment, and the local people. In practice, we put the principles of sustainable tourism into action through EcoCompass and the Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) development path of Visit Finland.

We are doing our part in building sustainable tourism!


We have been granted an EcoCompassCertificate in December 2022

This means that we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our operations, and have created an environmental program for our company. With the help of the program, we monitor the achievement of our goals and the implementation of the planned measures. The EkoCompassCertificate is valid for 3 years at time, after which there is a re-audit.

Sustainable Travel Finland

Suomi Camping (Rauhalahti Holiday Center, Yyteri Resort & Camping and Tampere Camping Härmälä) has been granted Sustainable Travel Finland label as a recognition of valuable and long-term work for sustainable tourism.

In the Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) program, we have made a commitment to the principles of sustainable tourism. Sustainable tourism comprises sociocultural, financial, and ecological aspects. Concrete targets for development include reducing the amount of energy consumed and waste produced, equal treatment of personnel and customers and consulting the local people, planning our activities in the longer-term in a cost-effective manner, and employing local people.

Our Joint Environmental Promise

The reduction of environmental impact is our objective.


The future of our customers, our personnel, and nature is important to us. This is why we have made a commitment to sustainable development and persistent, long-term work in order to reduce environmental impact by, for example, improving the efficiency of energy consumption, reducing waste, and increasing environmental awareness among our personnel and customers. Environmental work is an element of our responsible business activities, which also include financial and social responsibility.

Responsible actions in Suomi Camping

Reducing electricity consumption

Accommodation uses a lot of electricity. There are altogether more than 250 cottages in our camping sites in the summertime and nearly 50 cottages in the wintertime. On top of this there are maintenance buildings, receptions, restaurants and other service buildings. Electricity is also used in caravan pitches. For us, saving electricity is not only an environmental issue, it’s also a factor to reduce costs.

January to end of September 2023, our company managed to save 15% of electricity compared to same time in 2022.

We constantly monitor our electricity consumption and reduce the temperatures if the cottages or other buildings are unused. We are also gradually replacing the lamps to energy-saving LED lamps. For example, at Camping Härmälä, all outdoor lights were replaced with LED lamps last year.

Sustainable purchases

We are using a lot of cleaning products and tissue papers during the year. We want the impact on the environment is as low as possible. That’s why, we are changing all our cleaning products to eco-labeled products. Tissue papers have also been chosen from environmentally friendly options. We also try to reduce the amount of wastepaper by replacing papers with fabric/paper hand towel rolls.


We are setting environmental criteria for the subcontracting companies we use. We score companies according to how the companies have taken environmental issues into account. In the future, we aim to choose our partners based on these criteria.


We want to choose local products and services whenever it’s possible. For example, we rent cash registers from a local supplier, use a local printing company to copy camping site maps, buy firewood and hamburger patties from a local supplier.

Travelling and nature

We want to promote opportunities for customers to arrive in our camping sites also by public transport instead of their own car. In our camping sites, we are happy to give more information on the best way to reach us.


Our numerous rental equipment enable you to move around in nature and the surrounding area. You can rent e.g., bicycles/fat bikes, electric scooters, canoes/kayaks, rowing boats, pedal cars and sup-boards.


Rauhalahti Holiday Centre is replacing one gasoline car to electric car in March 2023, the second one is meant to change later.

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